An international business law firm built on a human scale, close to business centers of decisions, Paris and Brussels.

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KOBALT is an international business law firm specialized in IT law and media, intellectual & industrial property laws and international commerce. Founded in 2013, our law firm is established both in Paris and Brussels. Paris’s office is managed by Guillaume LE LU (“DJCE”- Business law advisor, post-graduate “DEA” in International and European Law) and Brussel’s by Angela BRÜNING (Doctor and teacher in Law).

Our team is composed of full-fledged experimented international, multilingual and multicultural lawyers, ready to legally assist and advise French and foreign companies or organizations, as well as entrepreneurs, artists, rights holders or producers.

We help our clients in various sectors and ranges of activities, such as information and communication technologies, online services, trade, e-commerce, industry, software, publishing, advertising and marketing, biotechnologies, fashion, arts, pictures industry, media, etc.

KOBALT offers its clients a long-term and close relationship based on trust. We provide tailor-made and reactive services and brings to all our commitment a know-how based on a long-range experience of specialized international-business lawyers in order to satisfy your needs in the most efficient, practical and cost-effective way.

We answer precisely to your questions and help you solving your specific legal issues or, problems, disputes or litigations you or your business are facing. If need be, we also enable you to take advantage of our skills and experience to manage your “crisis situations”, mitigate legal risks or allow you to settle disputes out of court or before non-State courts.

KOBALT benefits in Europe and on a world-scale of an extended network of partners such as other law firms advising in various range of activities (e.g.: tax law, labor law, etc.) and industrial property advisers, experts, legal officers, services providers for trademarks’ research, etc., ready to provide additional legal assistance to all our clients to satisfy their needs at an international scale and in a global way.

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IT Law and media

Intellectual property law

Industrial property law

General business law

International commercial law



Founding partner

Attorney at the Bar of Paris
+33 (0) 6 30 82 21 40

Languages for legal works: English and French.

Areas of practice: IT law and media, intellectual property (publishing, audiovisual and cinema industry, art, software, databases…), industrial property (including trademarks), advertising and marketing, e-commerce, distribution, biotech, general and international business law.

Guillaume holds a Master degree in Business Law, “DJCE” (“Diplôme de Juriste Conseil d’Entreprise”) and has also pursued a postgraduate “DEA” in international and European law and a degree of specialization in distribution law and contracts.

Since he took its oath as a full-fledged attorney in 1998, Guillaume practices as an international business lawyer at the Bar of Paris and developed its expertise in the areas of IT law and media, intellectual and industrial property and international business law.

He advises and assists on a regular basis companies ranking from emerging businesses to international groups of listed companies as well as entrepreneurs, artists, producers or rights holders, creators in art or innovative technologies and/or holding intellectual or industrial property rights. He helps out its clients securing their rights and commercial projects, drafting and negotiating their contracts, registering their trademarks and distinctive signs and defending them against third-parties, protect their creations and know-how and assist them in day-to-day business, so as to ensure the development of their activities, as well as to manage “crisis situations”, to mitigate their risks and to settle or conduct their disputes before courts, experts or arbitrators.

In the sector of IT business, communication and software industry, he namely assists and advises software and IT services providers or Internet actors and users for IT products and services (such as licensed applications, “SaaS” platforms, “cloud computing” services, etc.). He advises and assists its clients to help them coping with all legal issues related to e-commerce, contracts drafting and negotiation, personal data, software and database protection, as well as in order to settle commercial disputes at the best of their interests or conduct, international or European legal issues and for international business litigations.

He also gives lectures as an expert in IT contracts and litigations and writes articles related to digital law (Computer Law Revue, FBCCI, etc.).



Attorney at the Bar of Paris and Brussels*
+32 (0) 4 97 17 80 70
+33 (0) 6 22 17 80 78

Languages of work: German and French.

Areas of practice: e-commerce, liberties and personal data protection, IT law and media, distribution, consumers’ law, trade, international judicial cooperation.

Alumnus of the Max-Planck Institute for Innovation and competition in Munich (Germany), Angela BRÜNING’s state PhD thesis at the University of Paris XII, Saint-Maur, applied to “Legal aspects of databanks under French, German and European laws”. Angela is attorney at law at the Bars of Paris (1999) and Brussels (2016).

Her legal activities for her clients focus on e-commerce and more widely IT law and general business law, namely on French-German issues. Angela as well developed a great expertise in personal data protection, including in a cross-border context. She also advises and assists on judicial cooperation within the European Union.

Angela advises and assists her clients on a casual day-to-day business basis as well as in contexts of “crisis situations”, negotiation, enterprise governance or “compliance”, before relevant courts or administrations.

Since 1998, Angela teaches NTIC law at the University of Paris XII. Moreover, she provides lectures on judicial cooperation within the frame of the “European” module at the IXAD of Lille, France (Bar School for the attorneys of the North-western area). From her start as a lawyer, and for many years, Angela was also in charge of the “brief European notes” in the “Communication Commerce Electronique” law review published by LexisNexis. She is also the author of the chapter “France” in the book “Domain Name Law and Practice” published by Oxford University Press.

*Registration at the Brussels’ Bar in compliance with the 98/5/CE Directive



22, rue de Maubeuge — 75009 Paris

Guillaume Le Lu
+33 (0) 6 30 82 21 40

Angela Brüning
+32 (0) 4 97 17 80 70
+33 (0) 6 22 17 80 78

22, rue de Maubeuge — 75009 Paris
+33 (0) 6 30 82 21 40

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